About Thrive

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Thrive Therapy Space

About Thrive

Thrive will be a coworking space for mental health professionals. Coworking spaces are all about building community and sharing space, so here’s how the idea would work for therapists: Picture 6 therapy offices, a group room, and a therapist community room. Therapists will see clients in one of the therapy offices a couple hours a week up to 20+ hours a week, allowing them to have a flexible private practice without the hassle of setting up their own, and without the isolation therapists often feel.

The HEART of the coworking space will be the Therapist Community Room: Picture a cool environment just for therapists–couches, chairs, desks and lots of natural light. Here, therapists will work on their therapy notes, consult with and learn from each other, create moments of support and connection. This room will be available both to the therapists who use the therapy offices and to therapists from the community, those who practice elsewhere! They will be drawn here to be a part of this community–the support, the connection, as well as to the classes, events, and discussion groups.

So, Thrive Therapy Space will be a physical space, with a physical location, offices and such. But it will be so much more. It will be a place for connection and support, a place where therapists can THRIVE. Of course, thriving therapists help their clients to thrive, and thriving individuals help the community to thrive.

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